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Peter DuCharme' (born Peter Van Buren DuCharme; April 27, 1967), is an American creative technologist and multi-instrumentalist. He was born in Milford, CT and attended Point Beach elementary school. His mother was the editor of the Milford Citizen and his father taught theatre and film at Hopkins in New Haven, Connecticut. Peter is mostly known for his musical composition "Synchronicity".



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While working as the Director of Technology and Development for the New York based Nautilus magazine, Peter maintained the magazine's CodeIgniter based CMS.

Technical Skills


CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Json, LAMP, MySQL, Perl, PHP5.6, Sqlite3, XML/SGML.


Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Audition), Beanstalk deployment, Git, MAMP PRO, Node.js, PhpStorm, ScreenCast Sequel Pro, Sublime 2, Tower and Transmit.


Blade, Bootstrap 4.0, Handlebars, jQuery, Laravel 5.3, Sass, SoundManager, Stylus, VideoJS and Vuejs 2.0.


CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Json, LAMP, MySQL, Perl, PHP5.6, Sqlite3 and XML/SGML. APIs / SERVICES AirTable, Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, S3 and Route 53), Apple News, BaseCamp, BigCommerce, Google (Analytics, Drive, Finance, Gmail), PayPal, Stripe and Twitter.


Angular, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Less, React, Ruby on Rails, Swift 2.0 and WordPress.