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Nautilus is a digital and print science magazine published by the nonprofit NautilusThink. A new topic is presented every month and explored with thematic weekly chapters. The magazine's mission is to "deliver big-picture science by reporting on a single monthly topic from multiple perspectives."

Listed here are some of the projects I ran as technical director. While the main CMS is CodeIgniter, Laravel and Vue.js were often used thanks to both having a lean code base and quick learning curves. Sometimes the solution to a challenge was to use PHP, MYSQL and vanilla Javascript. Deciding what to do and how to do it was always an evolving process. Iteration and feedback.

Main Site

Nautilus (http://nautil.us) was launched April 15, 2013. The site evolved over the years as the magazine's audience grew. Technical initiatives were guided by focusing on both the readers' needs and also those of the staff editors/designers. Reactive development so to speak.

The Nobel Exchange

Virtual Stockmarket where players trade shares in potential Nobel prize recipients. The winner of the game was determined by the winners of the Nobel Prize.


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ePub Publishing Platform

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AppleNews Publishing Tool

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Editorial Status Monitor

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